Monday, 16 March 2009

Nonsense In The Dark

The album starts off with the single we've all heard, This Rhythm, the pulsating beats and vocals of Late of the Pier's Samuel Duest make for a great track and a good solid start to the album. Elevator follows with its jumpy beats but subdued vocals, followed by my personal favourite of the album, What Happens Next which includes stabbing chords and a catchy chorus. You Better Stop feels reminisent of a recent Chemical Brothers track in places and feels as though it lacks something without any vocals to accompany the melodies. Messages is a perfectly crafted ode to 80's electro pop, contrasting with the second single from the album Tupac Robot Club Rock featuring Plastic Little rapping over the top, some interesting melodies and fantastic live drumming. Nonsense in the Dark feels like as if the Maccabees met an electronic version of the Cure, while Cul De Sac (one of the most boring tracks on the album) slowly plods along until we get to Light Skips Across Heart, which is a dark brooding turned electro pop tune. The rest of the tracks slowly pass by until we get to the final track, Somewhere At Sea, which is one my personal highlights, an electronic ballad which perfectly ends the album.

All in all, a pretty solid debut from the Kill Em All boys, it'll be interesting to catch their live show sometime soon, and definitely check out the album and see what you think.

Download: Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm (Kill Em' All Remix)


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