Monday, 31 August 2009

Fabric Of Win

I was supposed to post this on Friday, but i've been ill - don't worry its not Swine Flu, I hope. It's also pretty hard to do anything with this prehistoric laptop.

This is the new single from Kitsuné golden boys Joe and Will Ask?. The release features a Club Mix and A Late night Mix - which is a self-remix showcasing their more minimal techno side. Enjoy.

While you're at it, go and grab their remix of the Grum track 'Heartbeats' which is out now on Beatport.

DOWNLOAD: Joe And Will Ask? - Fabric Of Win (Radio Edit)


riotschool said...

Oh I just downloaded the Joe And Will Ask? Song - but why does the artwork say it´s blogged by Pelski?? Ouh ahh..!

Lee said...

Its the first link that Joe and Will could find for us. Didnt have time to change the artwork. Plus, who cares if Pelski gets a bit of free publicity! :)

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