Thursday, 27 August 2009

Science > God

That above was the title of an excellent e-mail that recently went around the Chemistry department, I'd have to agree with it too.

First track today is an excellent one from Leeds finest electronic group, 20:20's very own Audiojack. A nice vintage sounding Piano line but skewed about over a nice housey beat yet keeping a very fresh sound, the whole album is definitely worth a look too.

DOWNLOAD: Audiojack - Jack The Keys :

Secondly we have a Juan Maclean remix of Pom Pom by Matthew Dear from his cracking Asa Breed album. Juan did a few remixes for this release and I'd say i prefer the second, a bit more squelchy and acidy, something Juan doesn't seem to do as much nowadays, or maybe it's me not paying attention. Probably a bit of both, regardless, it's dead good.

DOWNLOAD: Matthew Dear - Pom Pom :


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